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Game Playing In Romance

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Why Game Playing In Romance Is A No No

Honest In LoveSome people love to play games. Unfortunately, this tendency can ruin their entire life, as they are going to be perceived as shallow and frivolous. Their romantic relationships will suffer, as nobody wants to love someone who’s playing with their feelings.

If you want a good love life, you should refrain from game playing in romance.

Honesty is the best ingredient for a long lasting romantic relationship, instead of game playing and manipulation. Too many people believe they can make others do what they want forgetting that in love, nobody owns anybody else. It’s true that many of us have been known to say “my baby”, “my love”, “you are mine” or “we belong to each other”, forgetting that we are unique individuals, free from any duties toward other people in our lives. It’s hard to live up to such expectations, so there’s no wonder most couples fail and separate within the first two years of their relationship.

Game playing is one of the main reasons why couples fall apart. When one of the partners spots the manipulation, love becomes an impossible game. Little by little, the two lovers find themselves too cold and too skeptical to be able to maintain the intensity of their feelings. Sooner or later, the one who doesn’t use game playing is going to become overwhelmed with the relationship, therefore seeking a way out. Then, the other partner starts an emotional drama which is very hard to manage. Living under such a pressure is going to take its toll on the two persons involved in this game, making them give up or give in. This is the beginning of the end.

If you are tempted to add game playing into your love life mix, you should think twice before proceeding. It’s much more rewarding to be honest and open. These are the attitudes and values you should embrace. They have the power of making love grow stronger. By nurturing these behaviors, you add value to your romantic relationship, thus preparing it for the next level. If you intend to have a nice family and a good life, you should give up game playing and focus on things that are important for your future and for the love of people around you. Connections are the only important thing in life. Everything else is secondary.

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