Do Fairy Tale Love Relationships Exist

A Fairy Tale-Romance

No doubt you have heard or read countless stories about two people who cross paths and fall in love at first sight with each other. In fact, most people have heard these stories so many times growing up, they believe that this is the only type of real love. However, this is not the way the majority of people fall in love.

Average couples fall in love with each other by spending time together, getting a chance to know each other and building a certain rapport with the other person. So, why does the idea of a fairy tale romance still exist?

It Is Not Reality  

Although fairy tale romances are grand concepts, they do not occur in real life. Sometimes love can easily be mistaken as chemistry. If you are attracted to someone, it is easy to feel the butterflies in your stomach. As a result, you may develop strong feelings for the person. However, some of these feelings are not necessarily love. In all likelihood, this feeling is simply infatuation.

What Is Chemistry

The chemistry that you initially feel for someone is based on several factors. Of course, the most logical factor is physical attraction. Sometimes certain features attract a person. For example, they may be attracted to a person with green eyes or brunette hair. This initial attraction will play a large role in the amount of chemistry a person feels for another.

The second factor is considered more scientific. Pheromones are not usually noticeable by us and most people are not even conscious of them. However, pheromones play an important role in the way others are drawn to you. If a woman’s pheromones are appealing to you, you may become attracted to her, even though she may be a type you would have never considered before.

On the other hand, if you meet a woman who is text book beautiful but you are not drawn to her because your pheromones say otherwise, you will probably find her less attractive.

This type of attraction can be mistaken for love at first sight. Even though this does not really exist, the initial stages of physical attraction can lead to genuine and true love.

The ultimate type of fairy tale romance is when two people spend their entire lives together, grow old together and spend their days enjoying each others company. This type of blissful martial union is the closest comparison to a fairy tale romance, a couple could have.